Fildena Pills: Trusted Solution for Men

Fildena pills are a trusted solution for men who have a problem in getting their penis erect or those who can erect but not long enough to allow them to have sexual intercourse. A man is able to erect as a result of a touch or careless, smell, or even visual stimulation that triggers the brain. Once the brain is put in the mood, it sends information to the nerves linked to the penis. The nerves are responsible for regulating the flow of blood and at this time, they will make more blood flow into the penis and restrict the flow of blood out of this penis. This will lead to the engorgement of the penis and eventually, an erection will take place.

For a man who has erectile dysfunction, though he sees, touches or get touched, or smells something that previously made him erect, this may no longer be possible. This is where Fildena pills come in, the main ingredient in these pills in Sildenafil Citrate which has successfully been used to treat ED since the invention of ED medications.

Fildena pills are classified in the PDE5 inhibitor group that facilitates the enlargement of the veins bringing blood into the penis and restrict the amount of blood leaving the penis. This will make the penis get engorged and eventually erect when sexual stimulation occurs.

Fildena Pills: Trusted Solution for Men
Fildena pills

How to Take Fildena

The initial step before you get to use Fildena is to see a doctor and admit to him that you are unable to perform in bed and ask for help. This will create a forum in which you will discuss the possible causes for your inability to hold and maintain an erection, and together come to conclusion if you should begin taking Fildena pills.

The doctor may discover that the reason you are having erectile dysfunction is as a result of a medical problem that can be treated. In this case, the doctor will seek to help you get over the medical condition that is causing the ED even as he gives you a few Fildena pills until you are fully recovered.

Fildena pills should be consumed whole without breaking or crushing, with a glass of water one hour before having sexual intercourse. If you do not have any plan to have sex or your doctor advised you against having sex, do not use Fildena pills.

Some medications may interact with Fildena pills and your doctor may seek to know if you are using any drugs. He may ask you to readjust the dosage so that you do not take the drugs at the same time. If possible, he could also administer another drug that will not interact with Fildena pills but works in the same way.

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Who Cannot Use Fildena 100 Purple?

Not every man who is struggling with erectile dysfunction can take Fildena pills. Some of the main reasons why a doctor would advise you against taking these pills are:

  • If your heart is weakened by a chronic cardiovascular disorder
  • If you went through a heart surgery in the recent past
  • If your penis is malformed, infected, or injured
  • If your blood pressure is either too high or too low and cannot be controlled
  • If in the past you experienced an erection that could not cool off for a period exceeding four hours despite having sex or masturbating.
  • If you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa or any other serious eye complication.
  • If you are using hypertension medicines
  • If you are using another brand of erectile dysfunction drugs
  • If your kidney or liver are severely damaged
  • If you do not have a problem with getting and maintaining an erection.
  • If you bleed abnormally
  • If you suffer from stomach ulcers

Fildena pills could lead to terrible complications if you will decide to use them even when your doctor has advised you against it. It will be easier to try and address these issues so that when everything is in control, the doctor will start you on the lowest dose and see if it will work on yours.

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Benefits of Buying Fildena 100 Online

  • The price of Fildena pill is cheaper when you buy from an online chemist that when you buy from a local drug store.
  • You will be able to buy at any time of the day or night, unlike local pharmacies where you have to buy at the specific time of the day.
  • Your privacy will be preserved as you will transact with the online pharmacy at the privacy of your house or office. No one will have to know what you are buying unlike buying from a local chemist where the purchase has to be done in the presence of other customers.
  • The pills will be delivered to your chosen destination and you will not have to incur the expense of traveling in search of Fildena pills.
  • You will be able to compare the price of Fildena pills in different online pharmacies and settle for the cheapest without incurring any extra expenditure. To do this with local pharmacies, you will have to incur extra travel expenses to get from one store to the other.
  • You will not be tempted to get into impulse buying as you search for the drugs as you will only buy what you really need. When going to shop in an online shop, you will be tempted to buy other stuff along the way.

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Fildena pills are what you need to get your relationship back on track again. You will be able to enjoy sex one hour after taking the pills without the fear of a failed erection. This will restore your confidence as a man and you will be more productive in other spheres of life. You, however, need the guidance of your doctor on this journey. If you opt to buy online, choose a pharmacy that has a good credibility record that will not sell fake drugs to you. If you need help in choosing a good pharmacy, you can use our list of Top Online Pharmacies where only reliable pharmacies are listed.