Viagra Free Trial – Can I Try Viagra for Free?

Viagra free trial pills are what patients with erectile dysfunction long for, due to the expensive price for the brand name product. Viagra, as most people know, is the leading erectile dysfunction treatment from Pfizer—introduced in the market in 1998, this product was the first phosphodiesterase inhibitor drug successful for managing impotence in males.

Viagra Free Trial – Can I Try Viagra for Free?
Viagra Pills 100 mg

Despite the warranted effectiveness in most males, many individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction still would not purchase the product because of its expensive price. Local drugstores, especially in the United States, still burden the buyers with the enormous price for the product, hence the buyer instinct to look for cheaper alternatives or if possible, Viagra free trials.

Free Viagra Samples Before Buying

Although coupons and discount vouchers are available, buyers are still looking for ways to save even more, like free Viagra samples – or are at least looking for places where they can source free Viagra samples before purchasing the drug on a large, month-or-year-supply-scale of the the product. Despite the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, there are places offering catch-less Viagra free trial pills for buyers to enjoy.

Here are some of the ways you can have free Viagra samples to try before making a “real” purchase of the product:

  • Doctor Sample Pills – Some GPs or urologists can offer their patients free Viagra samples whenever available, especially for males with a first-time need for erectile dysfunction treatment. However, free urologist samples for Viagra is not always around and your doctor can only give you so much. It won’t hurt to ask your doctor for Viagra free trial pills, though.
  • Complimentary Pills – Online pharmacies offer Viagra free trial pills with every purchase. I’ve seen quite a number of online drugstores with this offer – they are even giving the buyers the chance to pick their freebies (choice is amongst Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills).
  • Free Trials – This is my absolute favorite among the ways to get free pills – FREE trials. A handful of good natured online pharmacies are offering zero cost freebie pills. You can have these pills by just paying a small amount for the shipping fee. These stores offer anywhere from 10-30 free pills – you don’t have to make a purchase on these shops to avail of the freebies.

Online Pharmacy Free Viagra Samples is one online pharmacy willing to ship 10 free Viagra samples to consumers in any part of the world, provided that they add a small fee for the product’s shipping. Here is  the promo banner for free Viagra at Viabestbuy drugstore: Viagra Free Trial

Buyers can elect to choose only Viagra pills, but they can also add in free Cialis and Viagra soft pills without any added cost or without being required to purchase a certain amount. There are no hidden fees—the buyers only need to pay the base shipping fee for the product.

Free Viagra Samples from Pfizer

Consumers argue that Pfizer, the manufacturer of the drug Viagra, is offering free trials for patients. To confirm, we tried visiting the manufacturer website to evaluate the offers for consumers. No free pills were available for the buyers, but consumers were offered discounts by Pfizer instead:

Pfizer Viagra Discounts for Patients

According to the Pfizer offer for the consumers, they are entitled to a 50% discount on their year-long prescriptions using a card issued by Pfizer. Eligible patients are those who can provide a legal prescription from their doctors.

Based on the fine print on the website, consumers who satisfy the following criteria below are the ones eligible for the discount offered by Pfizer:

  • privately insured
  • users paying cash for the drug Viagra, Viagra is not covered as a “supplemental benefit”, and with Medicare Part D
  • not insured
  • paying cash

How do buyers get the discount? They have to choose from the offers found on the Pfizer website then submit their prescriptions (the site has a step-by-step procedure for this which the buyers can use). When the discount is redeemed, consumers can present the discount at their local drugstores on their next Viagra purchase.

Viagra Discount Form From Pfizer

Buyers have the choice to receive the discount voucher via email, text, or immediate download (you can refer to the form above).

Viagra Discount Fine Print

According to more information for the Viagra discount from Pfizer, the card issued by the company is limited to 50% off the total amount and a maximum savings of $200 per prescription. The card is also good for 12 uses or up to $2,400 worth in savings.

Pfizer Viagra Price at Local US Pharmacies

The brand name status of Viagra from Pfizer and the company’s early monopoly on the market for erectile dysfunction treatments caused the prices of the drug to skyrocket during the past years. Years forward since the drug’s introduction in the market, Pfizer still charges considerably for the product, as evidenced in the local pharmacy prices for Viagra, especially in the United States.

Pfizer Viagra 100 mg Local Pharmacy Prices

As you can see in the image above, consumers still pay for at least $66.62 for a pill of Viagra. This price is already inclusive of discounts; buyers are bound to pay more for the product without coupons or vouchers for the product. According to the price information for Viagra, the discounted prices for Viagra range from $66.62 to $67.99. On the other hand, the regular price for the drug ranges from $60 to $74 depending on the local pharmacy source for the medicine. The prices above, though, are merely from Walmart, Kroger Pharmacy, and Costco—other local drugstores may have their unique prices and discounts for the product.

Generic Sildenafil 100 mg Prices at Local Drugstores

Generic alternatives to Sildenafil Citrate are also available at local drugstores in the United States. Their prices are somewhat cheaper, although still pricey. According to the price list above, consumers can pay for generic Viagra alternatives for $24.63 to $31.50 per pill. The prices for generic Sildenafil Citrate is considerably lower than the Viagra Pfizer prices but still expensive for buyers. However, generic Sildenafil Citrate alternatives are still more affordable than the brand name Viagra—consumers can purchase two tablets of the generic alternative for the price of one brand name drug.

Although web drugstores are incapable of offering Viagra free trial pills, some online platforms or local pharmacies are able to offer coupon discounts that consumers can use for their purchase. Although no free pills are given, buyers can still benefit from the cost cuts allowed by the vouchers.

Buy Viagra Online: Web Drugstore Prices for Viagra

Despite the discounts offered at local drugstores for Viagra, some patients, especially those without insurance or patients with lower socioeconomic status are still unable to afford discounted Viagra at local drugstores. Because of this, buyers are looking for bargain alternatives to Viagra, like the generic Sildenafil Citrate drugs from various manufacturers in India.

Generic VS Brand Name

Generic Sildenafil Citrate products are more affordable alternatives to the brand Viagra drug in the market. Manufacturers reverse engineered Viagra to obtain the exact formula used for the creation of their own versions of Viagra. Generic Viagra drugs offer the same effectiveness as the brand drug, but only half or more than half less the original Viagra price.

Here are some key points you may want to know for generic Viagra products:

  • generic and brand name drugs both contain Sildenafil Citrate
  • generic drugs have the same action in patients—generics help increase blood flow to the penis tissues to help males get sturdier erections for sexual intercourse
  • generic Viagra medicines come from different manufacturers
  • brand and generic meds have the same duration in the body (4 hours) and take effect in 30-60 minutes after ingestion
  • generic Viagra drugs are much more diverse—generic manufacturers create film strips, chewable tablets, candies, soft gel capsules, oral jellies, effervescent tablets, and other unconventional forms
  • common side effects for generic Viagra tablets include dizziness, headache, vision changes, flushing, and dyspepsia

Besides for their manufacturer, prices, and appearance, generic Viagra, and brand Viagra are the same. Because of this, generic Viagra products are excellent alternatives to brand Viagra for impotence treatment, especially for those buyers seeking to cut their expenses for Viagra purchases.

Generic Viagra 100 mg Price

We checked online pharmacy prices for generic Viagra available for the buyers. According to the information on one web drugstore, customers can purchase generic Viagra 100 mg for as low as $2.99 per pill—a far cry from the $25 to $60 price tag for the generic and brand Viagra at local drugstores.

Viagra 25 mg at Online Pharmacies

As for other online pharmacy prices for generic Viagra, some online pharmacies offer even lower prices for the erectile dysfunction products. One online drugstore is offering only $0.27 to $1.36 per pill of the Viagra 25 mg product.

Price Comparisons for Generic Viagra at Online Drugstores

Other web platforms, instead of offering one price list from one online pharmacy, have rundowns of online pharmacy prices for various online drugstores. According to this price comparison from one web platform, consumers can purchase generic (branded) Viagra for at least $7.42 to $17.13 per tablet, depending on the online pharmacy source and the quantity of the product to be purchased. Apart from the online pharmacy price, buyers only need to add a minimal shipping fee.


Viagra free trial pills are not impossible—consumers can indeed find online stores willing to ship free trial Viagra pills for free, provided that buyers are able to pay the shipping fee. Some stores, on the other hand, can offer free pills along with purchases, which is still great, since local drugstores do not offer any freebies to the buyers. The farthest local pharmacies and Pfizer can do is to offer coupons and vouchers to their consumers—and no freebies.

It is still good to consider online shopping for your stocks of Viagra or its alternatives. Some stores are still trustworthy—you can find online drugstores with reliable shipping, responsive customer support team, and plenty of online reviews, like the stores included on our list of Top Online Pharmacies for the recent year. These online shops are guaranteed to supply you genuine medications at a fraction of Viagra’s local pharmacy price—try them today to see for yourself! is one online pharmacy willing to ship 10 free Viagra samples to consumers in any part of the world, provided that they add a small fee for the product’s shipping.