Edegra: Eliminate Impotence Cheaply

One thing that allows men to enjoy their lives is knowing that they have the ability to perform sexually. Not having the ability to satisfy their partners in the bedroom is a leading cause for stress and depression. One condition that makes men incapable of achieving an erection that is solid enough to last through a sex session is impotence. This condition is also referred to as erectile dysfunction.

However, nowadays, it is very easy for men to regain their lost confidence simply by taking an oral medication. This has been made even easier by the fact that cheaper medications in the form of generic drugs are available in the market. A few years back in 2013, Pfizer was the only company that could manufacture Viagra. This made this drug so expensive such that men could not purchase it. However, after they lost their patent, men nowadays can buy drugs cheaply since other companies manufacture generic Viagra.

One company that has been manufacturing generic Viagra is Sun Pharmaceuticals which manufactures Edegra. Edegra just like brand Viagra contains sildenafil citrate as the working ingredient. Men who search for this drug are usually looking to know how they can buy it. So, how do you purchase Edegra?

Buy Edegra

Edegra being a generic drug does not require a prescription. This means that you are free to acquire it from online drug stores. Online drug stores offer you the best prices for Edegra. To prove this, consider the following prices:

Edegra Cost

Edegra Cost

As you can see above, the best prices are provided when you buy the package that contains the most pills in it. The prices reduce from $3.33 per pill when you purchase the 30-pill package to less than a dollar on buying the 500 pills package. If you decide to purchase the brand Viagra which functions the same way as Edegra you will need to buy it from local drug stores since it is a prescription-only drug. Local drug stores will require $70 for a pill from you. This price is too high as compared to the price online drugstores offer.

The first step in making a successful purchase of your Edegra online is finding a pharmacy that has a good reputation that will be able to deliver your drug. This is hard considering that the majority of drugstores you find online are fake. However, we have taken our time to determine the pharmacies that will not steal from you or deliver fake drugs to you. Therefore, to be safe, only purchase your drugs from the drug stores that we tell you that they are fine and have a good reputation. All the other drug stores are fake and they should be avoided completely.

Edegra How to Use

After you buy your Edegra from the drug stores we recommend to you, the first thing you need to do in order to be able to enjoy its benefits is to get the dosage right. This can only happen when you talk to a qualified health professional seeking advice from them.

Edegra Tablets

Edegra Tablets

If you are new to using Sildenafil citrate which is the active ingredient in Edegra, you will need to start with using 50 mg of this drug. This is used by doctors as the starting dosage. It will help your doctor determine whether he or she should increase your dosage or reduce it. If 50 mg proves to be an overdose, you will have to be prescribed to 25 mg to avoid adverse effects. If 50 mg is too little, you will have to stick with taking 100 mg.

You should take Edegra at least 30 minutes before the time you intend to have sex. That way, you will give the drug a chance to work and allow you to have an erection. Although you can use Edegra after eating and it will still work, it is recommended that you use it when you have not eaten for it to work faster. Since Edegra will last in your system for more than 22 hours, avoid taking the drug more than once in a day.

Edegra 100mg Side Effects

When you take Edegra responsibly, you will be safe from any adverse effects. Sometimes, men will misuse Edegra without knowing that they are doing it. This happens when they have purchased this drug from fake drug stores.

Edegra 50 mg tablets

Edegra 50 mg tablets

The drugs you receive from the fake stores are counterfeits that either contains too much of the active ingredient or the wrong ingredient. These will affect you negatively and hence lead to numerous health defects instead of helping you eliminate erectile dysfunction. For this simple reason, you have to avoid all the drug stores that we don’t recommend to you and instead buy from the ones that we have already proven that they deliver real drugs.

Side effects originating from taking Edegra irresponsibly include priapism (an erection that will last for more than 4 hours), loss of hearing and loss of vision. When taken responsibly, Edegra will have some very mild side effects which include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, flushing, and a headache. If you notice persistent side effects that don’t seem to go away, talk to your doctor immediately.


If you have been suffering from impotence, now you have nothing that can stop you from eliminating this problem from your life. Before 2013, men couldn’t afford Viagra from Pfizer. However, nowadays with the availability of online drugstores and cheap drugs like Edegra, eliminating erectile dysfunction is a button click away. Even though Edegra is a generic version of Viagra, these two medications have the same active ingredient. This means that they function the same way.

If you are trying to buy your Edegra online, you will have much success when you buy this drug from the drugstores that we recommend to you. That way, you will avoid counterfeit drugs and you will also avoid being conned by the millions of fake drug stores looking to steal from you. Never try to figure out which drugstore is safe and which one is not. The fake drug stores look so much like the real ones and they can easily trick you.