Review – Decade-Plus E-Pharmacy but with no Client Feedbacks

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is another store with “Canada” to its name, and it claims to be a reputable “Canadian Pharmacy Online”. Online pharmacies like also claim to be a safe destination for purchasing certified and high-quality medications in lower prices than the brick and mortar pharmacy prices. According to this shop’s information, it is an online pharmacy accredited by CIPA Rx, which implies that this store is located in Canada. offers prescription and non-prescription products, pet medications, and generic and brand-name medications. Unlike in the common online pharmacies, the shop does not list the products by their treated illnesses, although the shop listed the meds in alpha order. Canada Drugs Direct also classified the meds as OTC, prescription, and pet medication, but also offered a search function on the site so clients can access medications on the store. Most popular Rx meds include Propecia, Celebrex, Premarin, Flomax, and several others, while the OTC meds popular amongst users include Lozenges, Senokot, Otrivin, Dristan Nasal, plus others.

Although not listed overtly, Canada Drugs Direct also offers erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, and also offered to dispense generic choices to help buyers save in cost. Brand Viagra 100 mg is sold for a minimum of $48.80 for 4 pills, but the shop also offered a generic option which costs $64 for 8 tablets for the same dosage. Brand Cialis 20 mg is sold by for a minimum of 4 tablets and costs $68, while the generic Cialis 20 mg is sold by the store for a minimum of 4 tablets at $29.60. Prescription meds on requires actual prescriptions which buyers should send to the online pharmacy so that their products may be dispensed.

Canada Drugs Direct disappoints international buyers as the shop only caters to clients located in the United States alone. The store does not ship to Canada although it has the country in its name. Orders are charged a flat rate of $6.99 per order, but the shop renders the shipping free for consumers with orders more than $100. As for payments, the consumers can pay for their orders using their credit cards.

There is no discussion on the shop concerning refunds and reshipment policies for non-received orders. This makes it difficult for buyers to get their claims from the shop in the event of delivery failures. For other matters, you can contact Canada Drugs Direct using its contact details and by using the contact page. contact information:


[email protected]

Canada Drugs Direct

PO Box 520, 800-15355 24th Avenue

Surrey, BC Canada V4A 2H9 Reviews

I am not sure when Canada Drugs Direct started its service, but its lack of reviews makes me doubt that the shop had a lot of internet exposure. Consumer reviews and feedback are unavailable for, indicating its lack of popularity amongst buyers.

Despite the good and seemingly reliable appearance of, the shop was unpopular to the buyers and did not have comments for its service from independent review websites and forum sites which usually house testimonials and statements for various web pharmacies. Reviews 2017

Although is still up, I still can’t find buyer reviews for this website, so I resorted to checking its domain using two of the most reliable domain-checking platforms on the web.

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According to Scam Adviser, is a store with a high trust score. Overall, was given a score of 94% and did not have issues concerning its domain. The shop’s age was apparently 12 years—which was long but made me doubt its credibility more due to its lack of reviews despite the long run. The location identified for the website was in Ireland, but the owner country identified was the United Kingdom.

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Even if was identified to have a high trust score from Scam Adviser, the online shop had a poor rating from Scamner, another domain assessing platform. According to Scamner, the shop did not have its own SSL certificate which would ensure the buyers’ safety when making their purchases in the shop. The score given to was only 4% out of 100. Coupon Codes

If you order products worth more than $100, you’ll be given free shipping by Canada Drugs Direct. You can save approximately $7 for your order since the shop charges about $7 for shipping.

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You can also earn credits worth $50 when you refer a friend to the shop. You can buy products using the credits, but shop credits on expire 6 months after they were first issued.


Canada Drugs Direct is an online shop catering only to clients in the United States, which makes it odd since the shop has the term “Canada” on it. The store is unique because it offers the prescription, non-prescription products, and pet medications separately. Canada Drugs Direct also asks for written prescriptions for every Rx drug order on the shop, so the buyers had to consult their doctors first before ordering from the shop.

As for prices, although the shop had a bit higher prices than the other online pharmacies, offers the meds at minimum purchase amounts which may be convenient for the buyers. However, lacked reviews despite its decades of service, which makes it a doubtful store to shop in. My rating: 2 out of 5.

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