Review – Good Choice for Buying Drugs Online

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is an online pharmacy that sells medications to customers residing in different parts of the world. The company calls itself as a self-managed medical prescriber because it not only sells medications but also offers a free medical consultation to its clients. The store takes care that the confidentiality pact between the doctor and the patients is not broken and is maintained all the time. Free support is offered to all the patients connected with Courier Pharmacy all the time. There are no hidden charges at Courier Pharmacy, and the Medical consultation is provided to everyone free of cost. It is also not made obligatory for the customers to consult the specialists available at this website and they can do it at their own ease. In addition to being a seller of different drugs, CourierPharmacy also serves as a comprehensive source of information about these drugs and the conditions that they treat. The company is completely legal and complies with the European and the UK policies regarding the selling of medications online. The doctors affiliated with Courier Pharmacy are also registered practitioners of Europe. CourierPharmacy is also accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council. The company sells limited drugs related to asthma, weight loss, gastroenterology and sexual health. Sildenafil 25 mg is offered at 2.79 US Dollars per pill here, suggesting that it is not a cheap pharmacy.

The shipments are delivered worldwide by registered mail or courier service. However, further information about these services has not been mentioned anywhere. Customers can pay for their orders via Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card and Delta. Courier Pharmacy says that it will not accept returns once the medicine has been dispatched. To contact the company, calls can be made at 0203 189 1942, or an email can be sent to the official address. Reviews has some reviews present on an independent reviewing website. It was important to check these reviews, so I decided to analyze them one by one.

Chloe has mentioned in her review that she did not receive an email about the confirmation of her order, but she received it the very next day. She said that she was “bit worried at first” but now she is happy, and she will “definitely be using it again”.

Brodii Lynn said that he came across this pharmacy by chance and he was not sure to buy from here first. Then, he did some research on it and “everything seemed legit”. He said that he ordered two inhalers and they arrived the very next morning. The customer called it “absolutely fantastic” and said that he would order from here again.

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Mr. Shah said that he needed an inhaler and got it ordered from CourierPharmacy. He said that the delivery was made “without too much delay” and therefore, he will use this store again for buying drugs.

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These reviews are quite good as the customers have given a full rating to Courier Pharmacy. This implies that CourierPharmacy might turn out to be the store that I have been looking for. Reviews 2017 has also received some reviews in the year 2017. The first review is quite bad as the customer has given it one star only. L Abe has said that this store has “terrible customer service” as he ordered some products and the parcel never arrived. He said that he would never order from here again. The company did not even bother to email him back regarding his order. L Abe also highlighted the point that the prices that are advertised by this store are also not entirely correct.

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Karimul said that CourierPharmacy has “excellent services”. He said that he did some digging before trying this pharmacy out and was “put at ease”. He ordered an asthma pump that “came with all suitable marking and leaflet inside”. Karimul said that he would order from Courier Pharmacy again and will also recommend to others.

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Howard Mundin had to say that “CourierPharmacy is excellent”. He purchased asthma inhalers and was “a bit dubious at first about buying medication over the internet”. His inhalers arrived quickly, and he was pleased to say that he will definitely order again and “buy with complete confidence”.

The reviews regarding CourierPharmacy in 2016 are also great. Apart from one review in which the customer was not satisfied, all others seemed to be quite positive, suggesting that it is a good store. Coupon Codes did not have any coupon codes. I tried hard and searched the pharmacy carefully to recheck if I was missing out on something, but it was not the case. The pharmacy does not offer any discounts in real. I must say that I was utterly disappointed by this fact as I was hoping for some amazing discount deals, keeping in mind the excellent reviews that the store has obtained. I must suggest the company take immediate measures to cover up for this flaw in order to increase its customer pools as everyone wants to save some bucks on his medications.


To conclude, I found to be just like any other pharmacy. The reviews regarding this company were good. The only problem was that it does not offer discounts and the prices at which the drugs are offered are high. If a customer can afford these prices, CourierPharmacy can serve as an excellent platform for him. I will give this store 3 out of 5.

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