Fildena 25 Reviews: What Customers Say

25mg is the least available dose of Fildena, a generic erectile dysfunction pill made by Fortune Health Care. This dose is mostly administered as the initial dose for a person who has never used an erectile dysfunction drug or one who feels that the 50 mg dose is too strong for him. It is can also be prescribed to a person who has a health condition that would not allow him to use the high doses of either 50mg or 100mg.

Below are selected feedbacks from clients who have found relief in Fildena 25:

Fildena 25 customer reviews

Jeremy Rounds says he discovered that he was suffering from impotence; he immediately talked to his doctor who advised him to take Fildena 25 since it was his first time using an ED drug. He says that the impotence is no more and the best thing is that he did not have to pay much for the pills. Timmy Wiser was also diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and since he did not want to fail his partner, he ordered for Fildena 25 mg and after taking it, he says the impotence was gone in minutes.

Christopher James who is sixty-five years old says he still has a great desire for sex. For some time, he was unable to hold a full erection and he lost it immediately he got into sexual activity. Once he started taking Fildena 25, he says he is able to achieve a rock hard erection and he can comfortable satisfy his partner.

Is Fildena Safe?

The safe use of Fildena depends on a number of factors some of which are listed below:

  • Your health condition: Before the doctor can allow you to use Fildena, he must seek to know if you suffer from any condition that would be made worse by the use of this drug. Some of these are:

Congestive heart disease

Uncontrollable hypertension

Peptic ulcers

Severe eye disease

Bleeding complications

Priapism that happened in the past

  • Other drugs you could be taking: Certain drugs used to cure other ailments may result in serious interactions if you do not take precaution. Tell your doctor if you are under any other drug before commencing on Fildena. Such drugs are:

Hypertension drugs

CYP4 inhibitors medicines like clarithromycin and telithromycin.

Other impotence drugs

HIV protease inhibitors

Azole antifungals

  • If you are hypersensitive to Sildenafil citrate
  • If for any medical reason the doctor has warned you against having sex
  • If you have an intention of having sex: Fildena is a drug and should be used with caution. Do not take it if you do not have a partner you intend to get intimate with.
  • If you do not have a problem with erectile dysfunction, do not use Fildena

Fildena should only be used as directed by the doctor without exceeding or reducing the dose. Take the dose sixty minutes before having sex with enough water that will help you stay hydrated.

Using substances such as alcohol will reduce the ability of Fildena to relieve you of erectile dysfunction and may also lead to the severity of the side effects.

If you follow all the directions given by the doctor, Fildena will be safe for you and will offer the cure you need for erectile dysfunction.

You should keep contact with your doctor so that he can advise you if any concern arises.

Fildena 25 package image

Fildena 25 package image

Fildena Compared to Viagra

Below is a comparison between Viagra and Fildena ED medications

  • Price: A single pill of Viagra will cost $9.14, while a tablet of Fildena sells at $1.75. This means that Fildena is more affordable than Viagra.
  • Active ingredient: Both Fildena and Viagra contain Sildenafil Citrate as the working ingredients and will work to relieve erectile dysfunction in a similar manner.
  • Duration the drugs remains active: Both Viagra and Fildena will remain active for about four hours from the time of consumption.
  • Side effects: The use of Viagra and Fildena will lead to similar side effects as the chemical component is the same. Some of them are headache, feeling lightheaded, abdominal pain, heartburn, muscle pain, backache, among others.
  • Both Viagra and Fildena should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse to allow their concentration to get to the peak by the time you have sex.
  • Fildena and Viagra are not a permanent cure for ED; they will facilitate an erection for as long as their concentration remains in the blood. Once the concentration level reduces the issue of erectile dysfunction will be back again.

Buy Fildena 100 Online

To buy Fildena 100 online, you will only require having an internet connection through which you can access a reliable online pharmacy. You can gauge different online pharmacies as you go through various reviews from previous customers so that you can settle on the best according to your assessment.

You will discover that the price is cheaper online as you will enjoy huge discounts according to the number of drugs bought. Some of these stores will also give free shipping making the overall cost of Fildena online very low.

Below is the online Fildena price from one of the pharmacies on our TOP Recommended Shops List.

Online Fildena 100 price

Online Fildena 100 price

Thirty Fildena pills are sold at $49.50 which equals to $1.65 every pill. The more drugs you purchase, the less the price becomes.


If Fildena 25 will work for you, you are at a greater advantage than that person who is taking the higher Fildena doses. The side effects will be minimal as the excretion of the drug will also be very fast. Always ask your doctor for guidance when taking Fildena for best results. If you need help in identifying a good store, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies where only trusted pharmacies are listed.