Review – Suspicious Store with Copied Customer Reviews

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is an online drug store that claims to be an extremely popular one owing to the high prices of drugs and the need for a prescription at local pharmacies. This store seems to have liberated the customers from the pain of buying extremely expensive medications after presenting a valid prescription by offering them cheap generic alternatives. The website has mentioned nothing about its location or the year since it has existed online. There are a lot of categories of drugs available at First Meds which include heart diseases, antifungal medication, anti-allergies, blood pressure, anti-depressants, cholesterol lowering drugs, men’s and women’s health, birth control, hair loss, pain relief, weight loss, skin care and arthritis, to name a few. ED medications are also to be found at this store, and they are included as the bestsellers at First-Meds. I checked the prices of these medications and found that 100 mg of generic Viagra costs 3.8 US Dollars per pill, a price which is still quite expensive for a generic product. In addition to being offered individually, customers are also provided with certain trial packs that consist of a combination of ED drugs. First Meds have clearly stated on its website that the medicines provided here are approved by the FDA, hence, are completely safe to use.

The modes of payment accepted at First Meds include American Express, Visa credit card and E-checks. As far as the shipping services are concerned, customers have a choice between two. Airmail service takes 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the products and charges 10 US Dollars for it. For the customers residing in the United States, this service is known as US Postal Service. EMS Courier takes 3 to 8 working days only to deliver the parcel but costs 20 US Dollars for this purpose. For getting in touch with the customer care service, the US clients can contact at +1 760 284 3222, and the UK clients can call at + 4420 3286 3820. A form can also be submitted to the company for which the company sends a confirmation message too. Refunds or returns of products are not entertained as per the international rules. Reviews seems to have received a whole bunch of reviews from the customers’ side. Some of these reviews are discussed below.

Landon belonging to France has said that he got his products delivered on the step. The products available at First Meds were said to be “cheap” as compared to those in the local pharmacy.

Caleb living in Italy mentioned that his order arrived within “6 days”. He said that he would “highly recommend” this drug store to everyone.

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Lucas from the United States of America thanked the store for their “prompt delivery”. He asked the store to “keep in contact” as he will require more “magic pills” ordered from First Meds.

Evan living in the USA also mentioned that he received his order within one week. He did not forget to mention the “extra 4” pills that the store granted him and Evan said that “they worked great”.

Even though the customer response seems to be phenomenal about First-Meds, it must not be forgotten that these reviews are confined to the seller’s own website only. Moreover, upon careful analysis, I also found that some of these reviews have in fact, been copied from different websites. Hence, I was not sure about the authenticity of this store anymore. Reviews 2017

As has not received any reviews in 2017, I had to check Scamadviser to confirm its authenticity.

image4 13

Scamadviser has listed FirstMeds as a high-risk website. There is nothing known about the popularity of this drug store, and Scamadviser has given it a zero percent trust rating. All of this indicates that First Meds is a not a store that can be trusted for buying ED drugs.

image5 10

Scamner has pointed out the pharmacy has a decent popularity, yet it has been given zero percent trust rating. It has also been mentioned by First-Meds that this domain is not safe for browsing or buying medications. Coupon Codes has only one offer to make when it comes to checking the discounts of the store. The offer is about how to avail free shipping.

image1 14

First Meds has mentioned that it will deliver the products without charging an extra dime if the client is willing to buy drugs worth more than 200 US Dollars. I must say that the discount section of FirstMeds has truly disappointed me.

Conclusion does not seem to be a trustworthy website. I was unable to find customer reviews regarding this store on independent forums which is quite suspicious. Moreover, the prices of the drugs offered here are high, and the pharmacy does not offer any discount offers for compensation. In short, First Meds has not provided me with a single reason why I should buy ED drugs from here or recommend it to others. I would like to conclude by giving this store a rating of 1 out of 5.

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