Is Tadalafil and Sildenafil Taken Together A Good Idea?

Sildenafil and tadalafil taken together may seem like a good idea to a number of people who think that combination of the two drugs would lead to a synergistic effect. Although the two drugs are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and both act by Phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibition, there are slight differences between them such as the fact that the duration of action of tadalafil is longer when compared to sildenafil and the faster onset of action of sildenafil when compared to that of tadalafil. Simply put, the effect of tadalafil lasts longer whereas sildenafil begins to act faster. In addition to this, sildenafil is said to have more interaction with food than tadalafil. Let us explore whether or not sildenafil and tadalafil taken together is a good idea.

When Can I Take Viagra After Taking Cialis?

Drug interactions are a common occurrence. Drugs interact with other drugs, food, and even disease conditions to give a variety of outcome which is why it is important to let your physician and pharmacists know about the drugs you’re currently on before others are added to them. Sildenafil and tadalafil both act by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme in the penis which in turn result in vasodilation and getting an erection. Therefore, taking two of them would be termed by medical professionals as duplicate therapy which is like taking an overdose of a particular medication. Just like in other cases of duplicate therapy, sildenafil and tadalafil taken together have no substantial benefits and exposes the consumer to avoidable adverse effects. According to the frequency of occurrence, side effects can be classified as very common, common, uncommon, rare and very rare. Sildenafil and Tadalafil taken together may increase the probability of occurrence of rare side effects such as transient blindness and deafness. In addition to these, it may also result in potentially fatal hypotension. Which is why it is not advisable to use both of them. If you feel the drug prescribed for you is not effective, talk to your physician.

Cialis and Levitra Together

Cialis and Levitra Together

Everyone wants the best out of their drug therapy and sometimes taking two drugs together can potentiate their healing effect. If you’re reading this right now, the chances are that you want to know whether or not drugs for erectile dysfunction can be combined for the purpose of a better outcome. Levitra (vardenafil) is a phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibitor just like sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis). However, there are a few differences between Cialis and Levitra such as the duration of action; the duration of action for Cialis is about 36 hours meaning the effect lasts more than a day, on the other hand, Levitra has a duration of action of about 8 hours. Another difference lies in the effect of alcohol on the drug; Levitra is less likely to be affected by alcohol. Nevertheless, taking Cialis and Levitra together is similar to sildenafil and tadalafil took together; it is not recommended. It is better to take one or the other.


Stacking Viagra and Cialis

Stacking as it pertains to drugs simply refers to the administration of two or more drugs at the same time or in alternating doses. This is usually done in hopes of achieving a synergistic effect and preventing tolerance. The combined administration of viagra and cialis is also known as the ‘Superman combo’ by a number of websites. The fact remains that although they have slight differences between them, taking them together would most likely predispose one to an increased risk of experiencing rare and fatal side effects. Sildenafil and tadalafil taken together are not recommended. Instead, consider choosing the one that best suits you.

Knowing the pharmacology of this drug can help make the choice on which of these erectile dysfunction drugs to pick. The pharmacology of both drugs is discussed briefly below.

  1. Mechanism of action: Viagra and Cialis both act by inhibiting cGMP-phosphodiesterase type 5. An enzyme in the corpus cavernosum of the penis that breaks down cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). cGMP results in vasodilation (relaxation of blood vessels) and increased blood flow which is essential to getting an erection.
  2. Pharmacokinetics: Viagra has an onset of action of about 30 minutes and duration of about 4 hours. The onset of viagra usually delayed by food (especially a high-fat meal). On the other hand, Cialis has an onset of action of about 16-45 minutes and a duration of about 36 hours. The onset of action of Cialis is not affected by food.
  3. Side effects: Facial flushing, indigestion, and headache are common side effects of viagra; less common side effects include dizziness, nasal congestion, and altered vision. Cialis has a headache and indigestion as common side effects and back pain, muscle ache, facial flushing, and dizziness as less common side effects. Visual disturbances are more common with viagra than with Cialis.


Sildenafil and tadalafil taken together are touted by a number of people for being a more effective method of treating erectile dysfunction than the usual method of taking one phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibitor at a time. It is important to understand that both drugs work by the same mechanism and taking two at a time would probably predispose a person to more side effects than is usual. It is therefore not recommended to take these drugs together. Check our top-rated list of online pharmacies for Sildenafil and Tadalafil generic versions. Always be careful about live-by-day suspicious online shops selling products for very cheap prices without prescriptions.