Review – Potentially Safe But You Must Be Aware Of The Risk

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is based in Ontario and is offering an assorted number of brand-name and generic medicines.

I saw immediately something that pleased me completely: North Drug Mart is controlled by the main health regulatory agencies. In fact, the store is an active member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), dispensing exclusively licensed and FDA approved medicines. Moreover, North Drug Mart possesses an SSL Certification for better handling and safeguarding its client’s personal information.

Many licensed pharmacies are not allowed to distribute imported drugs. Most medicines are manufactured by local pharmaceutical companies, leading to a price increase when compared to suppliers of Indian-produced meds. North Drug Mart is still able to provide some cheaper alternatives sourced from international approved pharmaceuticals. A pack of 12 tablets of Viagra (Pfizer) sourced from New Zeeland can be obtained by $159, roughly $13.3/pill. Sildenafil Citrate, o generic manufactured by the UK-based MHRA pharmaceutical is dispensed at a much lower price: 32 tablets cost only $77 ($2.5 per tablet). All prescription drug orders are only confirmed after submission of a valid doctor’s prescription. North Drug Mart can give a call to my doctor to ask for a prescription if I don’t have it.

The meds are packed and shipped through airmail. The arrival estimation varies between 7-10 business days depending on which country the meds are shipped from. Local shipments cost $9.99 whereas international packages cost $19.99.

I’m assuming I can pay with the typical credit cards since the pharmacy does not explicitly mention the accepted payment forms.

No full refunds are given unless the package is lost or damaged. In that case, clients must reach the pharmacy by calling customer service (1-866-600-9222) or filling the contact form on the website. Reviews

Despite its alleged legitimacy and efficient business, has absolutely no reviews published in independent websites nor on its own testimonials page. Since the drugstore has been operating for quite some time, I can only assume the lack of reviews is due to an absence of strategies to attract a bigger audience. Even though this pharmacy is an active and approved member of CIPA, the scarcity of reviews can influence the store’s path. Other prospective clients will always prefer to purchase their meds on stores which are cherished and trusted by others. And then again, without testimonials, it’s impossible to know for sure if this pharmacy is authentic and efficient.

I can give North Drug Mart the benefit of a doubt but I cannot give it my full approval. Not having reviews has almost the same impact on sales and on consumer’s judgment as negative testimonials. I need an extra set of information in order to inspect North Drug Mart more clearly. Reviews 2017

Since I’m still questioning if I should use to obtain my meds, it is best to consult pharmacy analyzers tools. These websites like Scam Adviser, are able to look for several security factors that I’m not capable of gathering on my own. The results of such tools might not be laudatory, and can warn me about some shady business North Drug Mart may have.

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Scam Adviser shows that North Drug Mart is not a safe place to get meds from. This website doesn’t support North Drug Mart as the pharmacy shows to possess some malware and a very low trust rating. Plus, North Drug Mart is lying about its true location. According to Scam Adviser, the drugstore is located in the United Kingdom or the United States and not in Canada as advertised.

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Legit Script advocates that North Drug Mart is an unapproved internet pharmacy. This might be due to the fact that not all the medications are compliant with the standard regulations imposed to internet pharmacies. Coupon Codes can always use coupon codes or offers to increase the number of clients. Discounts are always welcomed by customers and motivate them to purchase something. While not abundant, North Drug Mart is offering some advantages in buying meds from this store. Specifically, the pharmacy advertises savings up to 80% when acquiring medicines from North Drug Mart. The prices are incredibly lower than local pharmacies.

Moreover, North Drug Mart promises to call my doctor free of charge to ask for my prescription. This way, I can also save the money of a doctor’s appointment.

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Conclusion can become a trustworthy and viable sort of most meds, despite the lack of online reviews. I verified on CIPA’s website that North Drug Mart is a verified pharmacy since 2011, thus the store is being controlled and regulated by active agencies. I also believe I won’t have any problems in receiving my order, meaning that North Drug Mart will ship the meds, unlike scam pharmacies. Legit Script suggestion of North Drug Mart as an unapproved pharmacy is what got me. I’m wondering why a licensed pharmacy can get such status. Perhaps North Drug Mart is supplying meds inadequately or the meds are not as effective as they should be. Nevertheless, I must keep in mind the results provided by security checkers. At the end, I’m giving North Drug Mart a 3/5 rating. I’m prepared to take a small risk and order from this pharmacy if I don’t have any other place to go.

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