Review – Unconfirmed Vendor with a Lack of Customer Reviews

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is an online drug store that is powered by WordPress. In order to access the complete online pharmacy, a certain link needs to be clicked which redirects the customers to a new domain i.e. The pharmacy knows that certain medical conditions are too expensive or too embarrassing to see a doctor. Therefore, this store provides medicines related to all these ailments without demanding a prescription for it, and at reduced prices. The main assortments of Pharmacy Rx One include anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, hair loss, weight loss, general health, asthma, women’s health, gastrointestinal, party pills, healthy bones, and a lot of other categories. PharmacyRxOne is quite sure that the drugs it sells are not categorized as narcotics, hence, there is no jurisdiction that can directly oppose the purchasing of pills offered at this store. While the store does not require a prescription, it does recommend the clients to have approval from the doctor for using the medications they are buying. Pharmacy Rx One explains the reason why it offers drugs at lower prices and this is that it sells generic versions of drugs that are cheaper than the branded counterparts. All of their medications are said to have the same ingredients. Hence, they are equally effective. These medications are also said to have an FDA approval. The company also sells branded products but that too at reduced prices as there are no taxes included. I checked the prices of drugs offered here and found it quite costly as Viagra 100 mg is priced at 3.28 US Dollars per pill

The payment methods accepted at PharmacyRxOne include Visa, JCB, Diner’s Club, Master Card, and American Express. Two methods can be used to ship the products to the doorsteps of the customers. These methods include Registered Air Mail or Express Mail Service. Registered Air Mail takes 7 to 12 days while Express Mail Service requires only 3 days to deliver. The prices have not been mentioned on the website. There is no contact number or live chat facility provided at Pharmacy Rx One. Customers can only fill a response form and mail it to the company in the hope of a response. Reviews

In order to confirm the authenticity of a particular online drug store, it is important to analyze its customer reviews. These reviews not only tell about the legitimacy of a particular drug store but also indicates the performance and efficiency of it in addition to the effectiveness of the drugs offered by it. So, without wasting any more time, I checked for the reviews given by customers regarding Pharmacy-Rx-One. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any one of these reviews either on the official website or anywhere else. This is a particularly confusing situation where it is difficult to analyze the status of an online pharmacy. Such pharmacies are not advised to be used as there is no assurance of their working and ordering from them is like risking money and health. I would also suggest the same for Pharmacy Rx One i.e. it must not be tried out until further confirmation. Reviews 2017

There were no reviews that I could find for given in the year 2017. So, ultimately I decided to check the report presented by Scamadviser.

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Surprisingly, Scamadviser seems to completely approve of PharmacyRxOne. The website has been given a high trust rating of 76 percent that has placed it in a green zone. It has been specified by Scamadviser that the store has very few visitors. Scamadviser has also not detected any problems with its location. Hence, Pharmacy Rx One is completely safe to use as per Scamadviser.

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Pharmacy Rx One has been termed as a rogue internet pharmacy that has not met the verification standards set by LegitScript. This clearly indicates that LegitScript does not consider Pharmacy Rx One as a website worthy of buying drugs from. Coupon Codes

I was able to find one coupon code for availing discount at Pharmacy-Rx-One. The coupon code reads as “MYRXONE” that the customer has to put in the respective box.

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This coupon code allows the clients to avail 9 percent discount on all the drugs that he wishes to buy from Pharmacy Rx One. While the discount is not too much, it is appreciable that the store is at least regarding its customers by providing him with some of the kind of discount offer.


I cannot decide rightfully regarding due to the fact that it does not have any customer reviews from the beginning. More importantly, the reports of Scamadviser shows it as a trustworthy website, but LegitScript has disagreed with it. The discount provides by Pharmacy Rx One is also not very impressive. I would not generally consider the drug stores that completely lack in customer reviews as legit platforms for buying drugs. Because of this very reason, I will give 1 out of 5 to Pharmacy Rx One and would advise the clients that it is not the best source for buying ED drugs.

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