Pills-andhealth.net Review – Shop with Alluring Fake Reviews

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In the online world, there are a lot of online pharmacies, and Pills-andhealth.net is one of them. Nowadays, almost everything can be done from the comfort of your home, like shopping for meds. If in any case you’ve never heard about this online drug store yet, it is understandable due to its unpopularity. When I first visited the site, I saw the simple and user-friendly interface, which may be the cause of the buyers’ repulsion to the store. I found it hard to locate information for the store, as the shop did not have much public information. However, after extensive research, I found out that Pills-andhealth.net sells medications manufactured in India, and it operated since 2009. Also, I found out that the company’s main office (Central Office) is located in London, UK.

This pharmacy of offers a wide variety of FDA and WHO (World Health Organization) approved drugs. These organizations’ approvals are a must when it comes to pharmacies because people won’t buy and use a pill from a store which is not permitted by FDA. What about the drug prices, you say? They are pretty good—actually, some of its popular meds are seemingly cheaper than the average online pharmacies. On Pills and Health, products like Viagra (200mg x 10 pills) is sold for $31.50, while Ciplox (10ml x 1 bottle) is sold for $14. When it comes to delivery, you can have a free one if your order is more than $200 and it will be shipped via International Unregistered Airmail with a transit time of about 2-3 weeks. However, if you want a faster shipping method, Pills and Health also offers a Trackable Courier Service with a fast delivery 5-9 business days, and costs of $30. If in case you don’t get your order, you are promised a refund by the store. Damaged packages are also covered by the shop’s refund/reshipment policy—the store will re-send a fresh batch of products in case of damages during transit.

Payment methods accepted by Pills and Health include the stereotypical VISA and MasterCard credit cards, but the store also allows payments via bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, and SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

Regarding customer service, they have a 24/7 live chat. It is fast and accurate, and I was pleased with their service more than I thought I’d be. To me, Pills and Health’s customer service beat others in terms of responsiveness. You can also use the store’s phone numbers to reach the support team, in case you prefer an audio assistance from the store.

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Pills-andhealth.net Reviews

Unfortunately, I did not find any user reviews on Pills-andhealth.net on the web, except the ones published on the website. The lack of reviews on the internet means that the domain is not popular enough or well-promoted yet, but the store may still be a safe and promising store.

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“Wow” is the first word that came to mind when I read all of the reviews for Pills and Health. Great reviews for shipping, products, price, and store service were written for the store. Pills and Health appears to be the “perfect pharmacy” because of these uplifting comments.

Francois received his first order and he seems to be satisfied with the “fast” delivery time.

Daniel, another client, said that had a great time using Cialis. He appears to like Pills-andhealth.net and mentioned his intention of ordering again when he finishes his package.

Different from Francois and Daniel’s review, Barack’s review stated that he was pleased with the cost of the meds on the store.

I think no online pharmacy can please all of its clients. I’ll leave you with your thoughts on Pills and Health, but for me, the shop seems shady and its comments sound phony and fabricated.

Pills-andhealth.net Reviews 2017

Even the latest reviews for Pills-andhealth.net are positive—at least that’s what customer reviews say. These reviews are also from their site, as I still can’t find for independent website reviews for the store.

image3 10

A reviewer, Mario, stated that he was very happy with the customer service and said that it was the best he’s used. I agree with him, though, as I was able to experience good customer service from Pills and Health too.

One user, Charlize, said that she and her husband were happy with their intimate life due to the Viagra she bought for her husband. Charlize also mentioned that she was satisfied with the prices on Pills and Health.

Jules was initially afraid to order, but since his friends recommended the shop, he found the courage to push through with his order.

Because these comments were only found on-site, they are unverifiable and may be unreliable and untrue.

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I checked Pills-andhealth’s status on Scam Adviser and I found out that the store was given a high trust rating (82/100). The shop appears safe to use by the clients as there were no other issues identified for the shop.

Pills-andhealth.net Coupon Codes

This part of Pills-andhealth.net should definitely be improved, as the store did not have much to offer its clients when it comes to discounts. If your order is above $200, you are given free shipping by the store and also awarded a 10% discount on your next orders.

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There aren’t coupon codes or other discounts, on Pills and Health. I think Pills and Health should pay more attention to buyer discounts, as deals can make clients happier and can also lead to more sales.


Pills and Health’s service, price, and shipment are very good—at least the customer reviews say so. I have to admit, I adore Pills and Health’s customer service and the easy-to-use website. However, the store’s lack of reviews on valid review sites makes me think that Pills-andHealth.net is a scam.

If all of the “great” reviews on their site were actually true, the shop would have been on the web’s top online pharmacies. I encourage you to not fall prey to this store despite its good customer service and alluring prices. Out of five points, I will definitely give only a point to Pills-andhealth.net.

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