Sildenafil Costco: Great Reputation Brand Drug

Sildenafil is a drug known for treating erectile dysfunction. It is popularly known as Viagra, under many brand names. It is a drug that requires a prescribed dosage before consumption, where improper dosage can lead to severe complications. The standard dosages for sildenafil are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. One major problem most individuals face is getting a proper prescription for the right dosage. Although you will get an appropriate drug prescription at a registered hospital or health centre, the prices of the sildenafil at these health centres are almost unaffordable for the average citizen. It brings up the need for purchasing sildenafil at an affordable price and with the proper prescriptions. Many online sites today offer sildenafil at a very affordable price, but one major problem is their credibility. With modern technology, there is no telling if a drug is original or not, with the alarming rate of fake products out there. At Costco, you get your money’s worth and much more. Costco is a multinational trade platform available in many countries today. They offer quality products at the most affordable prices. With their top quality of products, there is no doubting the quality of their pharmaceuticals. You can rest assured that purchasing Sildenafil from Costco would guarantee you an outcome of top quality and the proper prescription if you can afford it. Costco does not only sell drugs but has professionals that handle prescriptions too. All these quality services on one site.

Sildenafil Price at Costco

Costco has made a great reputation for themselves by having the lowest prices of drugs on any pharmaceutical chain platform. Not only does Costco offer lower prices of drugs in the US but an excellent standard of service also. Costco sells Sildenafil under the brand name of Viagra. 50 mg of Viagra is sold at $658.09 for 10 tablets, $1,305.66 for 20 tablets, and $1,942.70 for 30 tablets. Even with the meagre prices of Viagra, you get to save $11 for buying 20 tablets and $32 for buying 30 tablets. Even with this low prices and discounts, you get your money’s worth and even more. One thing to consider is the generic sildenafil. It is cheaper and easier to get than sildenafil Costco. A lot of pharmacies sell generic sildenafil at prices less than $1. The top-rated pharmacies in our database will help you choose a reliable provider for your generic Sildenafil.

Costco Online Pharmacy

Costco is one of the most affordable platforms to purchase drugs, and this has made them one of the commonly patronised platforms for sildenafil. A lot of citizens save thousands of dollars buying meds at Costco than at their neighbour platforms, such as CVS. There are a lot of surprising facts about Costco that would cause any person to begin to patronise them.

  • Costco has their drug price list openly accessible to anyone online. Other pharmacy chains do not do this. Costco is confident of their pricing and would give the potential buyer the chance to know the cost of every drug by just clicking on your PC. All you need is to go online and check, that’s all. It is no news that the price of sildenafil at Costco is way lower than at CVS and other neighbour platforms.
  • A membership plan is not required to purchase drugs. The platform is open and accessible to everyone free of charge, with no side charges or extra cost or plans. Just log in and buy. It is that simple. There is a form of membership plan, but for customers with prescription insurance situations.
  • Costco has a Costco Member Prescription Program. This program is for people who have no insurance on drug prescription or do not have their insurance covering all their prescription medication. It is only accessible by Costco members alone, and it is advisable for every customer to enroll. Why? The specific drugs covered in the insurance are not always known, and this may include Viagra. You get to save 5% to 40% whenever the plan is needed.

Compare Viagra Prices: Costco Pharmacy Prices vs CVS and Walmart

Compare Viagra Prices: Costco Pharmacy Prices vs CVS and Walmart

Getting prescription drugs in the United States involves a lot of money. That speaks volumes about why Sildenafil is hard to purchase. Prescription drugs cost a lot; even large pharmacies only try to reduce their cost. Stores such as CVS, Walgreens and Walmart are boxed up with large bulk purchases that they can only try to reduce the value of the prescription drugs. It dramatically affects the pricing of Sildenafil. Just a 100 mg of Sildenafil at CVS costs $696.99. It implies $69.70 per tablet. Walgreens has their 100 mg of Sildenafil at $720.99. It also means $72.10 per pill. Walmart has their 100 mg of Sildenafil at $691.11, and this too indicates $69.11 per pill. All these are way too expensive for the average citizen with Erectile Dysfunction. On average, they all cost $700. Now that is too much for just ten tablets of a drug. One way around this, though, is to purchase from pharmacies who sell 100 mg of sildenafil at the price of 50 mg. In the same light, someone who needs a 50 mg dosage would get a prescription of a 100 mg dosage. In this situation, the 100 mg can be cut in half and consumed like a regular 50 mg tablet. It saves half the price of purchasing and makes the 50 mg dose cost about $35 to $36. The most expensive method of getting Viagra is through They offer a range of services, but not at an affordable price. 100 mg of Sildenafil costs $711.45. It means that a 100 mg tablet costs $71.15 and a 50 mg tablet costs $35.58, even after undergoing a 7% discount, through a coupon, for all visitors to the website.



It is no news that Costco offers the most affordable pricing of sildenafil among its pharmaceutical chain peers. At $658.09, with a margin of about $50 from the $711.45 of or the $700 of other platforms, Costco offers the best options for purchasing Sildenafil. If shopping online, it is important to be careful of online scammers to purchasing counterfeit drugs.

As stated earlier, generic sildenafil can be gotten at prices less than $2 from our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies.