Sildenafil Products Over the Counter: Cannot be Bought Without a Prescription

It has been 20 years now since Pfizer has manufactured and introduced Viagra, a drug also known as Sildenafil Citrate. It accomplishes a task that no other drug has done before, inhibiting an enzyme in the body that regulates the blood flow, enabling the blood vessels to dilate and move increased amounts of blood in the body’s circulatory system. This mechanism of Sildenafil’s action decreases the blood pressure but improves the blood circulation at the same time, which is effective in the treatment of patients with Erectile Dysfunction. ED is a sexual condition affecting half the population of men over 40 years of age where the penis can no longer have an erection. By taking Sildenafil, the patient would again be able to have erections as the drug increases the blood flow to the penis. With the aid of the penis’ response to sexual stimulation, the constant blood flow will then reinforce the tissues in the organ making it hard again.

Though a helpful drug, Sildenafil is strictly a prescription medicine and can only be bought if the patient has a valid prescription from a physician. It cannot be bought over the counter due to the regulations that were imposed by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. The use of Sildenafil without any kind of medical consultation beforehand can result in dangerous effects to the body. The drug should first be found compatible with the patient through a thorough medical checkup which involves reviewing the patient’s medical history to identify any past condition that may impact the medicine’s action to the user’s body. Sildenafil also has its contraindications and if it’s accidentally or unknowingly used with the medicines prohibited to be taken with it, it may cause death.

Sildenafil is a drug that lowers the blood pressure so any misuse or wrong use of the drug could be dangerous. Sildenafil is known to be a vasodilator, a drug that dilates the blood vessels. These blood vessels will stay dilated as long as the drug’s effects linger in the body which means that the user’s blood pressure is decreased and not normal. Any excess in the dosing of Sildenafil could be fatal as it may cause hypotension, an extreme drop in the blood pressure that may lead to heart failure. Without the sufficient blood pressure in the body, the blood will have difficulty in circulating back to the heart, depriving it of oxygen from the blood needed by its muscles to pump. This often leads to a heart attack which could be a cause of the patient’s death.

Over the Counter Viagra

Erectile Dysfunction specific medications like Sildenafil cannot be bought at any pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor. This is to ensure the patient’s safety since there have already been a lot of reported fatalities due to the misuse of the drug. Sildenafil is a potent medication made for treating a specific disease and the use of it should be supervised by medical professionals.

Deaths may not always be the cause of this drug’s misuse but there are a lot of other painful side effects that could result if this drug is used without proper medical guidance. To recover fast and stay safe, patients should always consult their doctors concerning all their health conditions.

Viagra Over the Counter Walmart

Walmart is a great source for purchasing medicines and medical supplies and it’s also a store that adheres to FDA’s regulations of selling Viagra on a prescription-only policy. Customers can purchase their Sildenafil here as long as they have valid prescriptions of the drug from their physicians. Before, Walmart only sells Pfizer’s Sildenafil brands like Viagra and Revatio. But since Pfizer’s patent for the drug has already expired, generic brands can now be bought from them at much cheaper prices.

Walmart Superstore

Walmart Superstore

There is actually no difference between the branded ones and the generics except for their prices. The generic brands of Sildenafil are also FDA-approved meaning that concerning its formulation, quality, and effectiveness, they are in every respect similar to their branded counterparts. The generic brands can be bought for as low as 5% of the branded Viagra’s price and buying them saves the customers a lot of money. GoodRx coupons can also be used by customers in buying from local drugstores like Walmart to have additional discounts on their meds.

What Works Like Viagra

Sildenafil is not the only ED medication available out there. Customers can also opt to try other ED drug brands to see what is best or compatible with them. With permission from their doctors, the customers can also check Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil).

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Unlike Sildenafil which already has generics available in the market, Tadalafil and Vardenafil don’t have any generics available yet so the only obtainable brands right now in the market are Cialis and Levitra. These two drugs are also vasodilators but they have different formulations compared to Sildenafil. Viagra (Sildenafil) only has 5 to 6 hours of effectiveness compared to these two which lasts much longer. Based on the reviews provided by the users themselves, Tadalafil and Levitra have fewer occurrences of side effects compared to Sildenafil. But according to some, Sildenafil does cause stronger erections compared to the other two brands.

How to Buy Over the Counter ED Pills Online

Sildenafil can be bought in most online pharmacies on the web. It is not difficult to find since Erectile Dysfunction products are the bestsellers and can always be found on the front page of these sites. Online stores sell medicines a lot cheaper compared to local pharmacies to customers can save more money from them. Customers should just be careful when purchasing online to avoid scam sites which are just fronts for stealing credit card information. For safe online shopping, customers should check our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies.


Sildenafil is a drug manufactured by Pfizer for treating a condition known as Erectile Dysfunction. It is strictly a prescription drug and cannot be bought over the counter. Though Sildenafil cannot be bought OTC, patients can be sure that this restriction was made for their protection. With a proper diagnosis from a physician, a patient can be sure and confident that their treatment is safe for their health and will be effective for their condition. For safe online shopping, customers should check our Top List of Verified Pharmacies.