Review – Supplier of Ineffective and Low-Dosage Anabolic Steroids

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is a supplier of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are extensively used by patients who are transitioning genders, bodybuilders, and other athletes who are looking to improve their performance. These drugs are quite expensive and very difficult to find. Steroid-Club aims to be a discreet and convenient provider of such medicines at much more friendly rates.

The pharmacy says nothing regarding its whereabouts or for how long it has been in business on the website. I was able to see that Steroid Club has been operating at least since 2006.

“The Champions Club”, as Steroids Club describes itself, can supply steroids (taken via tablets or injection), human growth hormone, anti-estrogens, fat burners, pain killers, liver cleansers, and other meds related to male impotence. The meds are all produced by licensed and approved pharmaceuticals.

As for the pricing, I see a small advantage in buying from this e-shop. A box of 100 tablets of Pfizer’s Viagra is dispensed at $350, and the same number of Lilly’s Cialis is sold at $400. I don’t know how the store is able to send branded ED meds at this price, so I have my suspicions regarding its effectiveness. can be contacted by writing a small message on its submit form or by calling customer service at 305-851-3572.

Meds can be paid using standard credit cards, Money Gram, or Western Union. Only US dollars are accepted. Steroid Club guarantees a delivery within 12 working days after dispatching. It should be noted that validating the order can take up to 10 days, so it’s possible my package will arrive only 22 working days after I purchase them.

If my meds don’t arrive within the promised timeframe, Steroid Club will refund me the postage costs. However, I don’t know how much the shipping fee is since it’s not specified on the website. No full refunds are given. Nevertheless, lost items will be re-sent freely after reaching out to customer support. Reviews

Many bodybuilders and other transgender patients depend on online pharmacies to get their anabolic steroids in an easier and convenient way. Most of the steroids suppliers, such as, have reviews on dedicated websites and bodybuilding forums. Consumers use these platforms to share insights and reliable pharmacies.

After digging a lot, I was able to find 2 separate reviews written 6 years ago. Here is what these consumers have to say regarding Steroid Club:

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User EODguy didn’t notice any difference after taking the product. It was the first time he purchased from an online source but, sadly, he got “0 gains” from the gear provided by Steroid Club.

Another customer, KMC, also complained about the ineffectiveness of the received drugs. The user tried Steroid Club two separate times. The first order arrived incomplete, but after contacting the customer service, KMC received the “missing vial”. Overall, this previous customer only gives Steroid Club a 2-star rating due to its “small” and “underdosed” vials.

The conclusion I reached so far is that is providing drugs with little or no significant effect. Reviews 2017

Besides those two previous reviews, I didn’t find any other reviews. Since they were posted 6 years ago, there’s a chance improved its stock, so it’s important to verify more recent reviews. Sadly, I came to the conclusion that Steroid Club decreased in popularity over the years as no other consumer mentions the store.

I investigated Steroid Club reputation by verifying its security status with and

image4 4

According to Scamner, Steroid Club is quite unpopular and browsing in this store is not recommended. This steroids supplier pharmacy gets a lousy 8% trust score on Scamner’s evaluation. Moreover, the site is not updated for the past 2 years, which makes me believe Steroid Club is almost inactive.

image1 4

Legit Script is able to tell right away if a certain pharmacy is licensed or not. This website takes into consideration both reviews from previous clients and the pharmacy’s compliance with the respective health regulatory standards. does not pass any of Legit Script’s tests, thus it is categorized as a rogue internet pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As for discounts, advertises bonus free steroids for orders above $500. The number of free meds is dependent on the amount of money spent. For example:

– If the client spends $500, Steroid-Club will provide some free goodies

– Orders above $750 in any two bottles of 10 mL will also be awarded free steroids

– If 3 bottles of 10 mL are bought for more than $1000, will offer an extra steroids bottle.

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It’s more than proved that won’t steal my money and leave me empty handed. Instead, the pharmacy is supplying customers with underdosed and ineffective medications. Two customers tried the products provided by Steroid Club only to discover that no significant effect was made by the products.

The pharmacy is not updated in a very long time; thus, I believe Steroid Club’s reputation and recognition among consumers is pretty low. There are far more reliable steroids pharmacies than steroid-club shop, so I will buy my goodies from them. Moreover, is considered to be a rogue internet pharmacy with little credibility by two different scam analyzers. The pharmacy gets only a 1 out of 5 on my consideration.

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