Review – It’s Wiser to Buy Steroids Elsewhere

[the_ad_placement id="dontbuy-label"] is a pharmacy which focuses solely on providing anabolic steroids and other hormone-related drugs to its clients, claiming to distribute only approved meds. Steroids can be a quite harmful medication, so it’s incredibly important to stay away from counterfeited and other products bought in the black market. Steroids For Sale explains that the store is able to provide such steroids manufactured by licensed pharmaceuticals after the establishment of a mutual partnership between Steroids For Sale and the companies themselves. I’m able to find meds manufactured by Gen-Shi Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Human Grade, and Sciroxx. The company is not giving any information concerning its past history in business.

Steroids For Sale does not require prescriptions and is able to dispense the meds without restrictions. The store completely hides the information regarding the safeness of the meds, not disclosing if they are FDA approved or not.

Asides from patients who are undergoing a transgender transformation, or athletes that are looking for steroids to increase their performance, Steroids For Sale is also a provider of medicines related to Men’s Health. I get to choose between the generic or brand-name versions. Most of ED meds are manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical plants, thus the price of the medication is considerably low. For example, Lilly’s Cialis can be obtained by $22.25/pill, the same price as Bayer’s Levitra. Generic Viagra is dispensed at only $0.55 per pill. Another version produced by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is available for $1.5/tablet.

Shipping is quite expensive, costing an extra $30 in every order. The meds are delivered within 25 days after purchase. Whilst payment options are also not discussed in the website. I believe the store follows the same pattern as other steroids pharmacies, accepting only bank transfers instead of credit cards. is able to re-send the packages if they are lost or seized in customs, except if seized in certain countries. The list of these restrictive countries is on the website. No refunds are given.

As if Steroids For Sale secrecy wasn’t enough, the pharmacy cannot be contacted by any other way than using a contact form on the site. Reviews

When I was looking for reviews about I was capable of finding quite a considerable amount. It seems like Steroids For Sale is quite well established within the bodybuilding community, so I have to give them points for luring a high audience. For example, in 2013 Ricki asked on what happened with the pharmacy as he was “unable” to access the website for a few days. I suppose he was a returning client in need of some extra products and came across an unavailable pharmacy. Everything is solved now and Steroids For Sale is completely available.

There are other commentaries written on the internet. The reviews are quite mismatched, though. There are happy customers and displeased ones. Moreover, the pharmacy was evaluated many times by other bloggers who considered Steroids For Sale to be an average rating meds supplier.

Once again, I’m giving some extra points to Steroids For Sale for its relatively high popularity. As for its services, I need more information to complete my opinion.

image1 5 Reviews 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still questioning whether reputation is sufficiently high for me to buy my drugs or not. Without being able to discover more recent customer feedbacks, I ran some other tests using Legit Script and

As it happens with many other drugstores, particularly the ones distributing hormones and anabolic steroids, Steroids For Sale does not meet the necessary requirements to be a legal internet pharmacy. Legit Scrip even suggests that Steroids For Sale is likely a rogue and buyers shouldn’t try to acquire anything from this website.

The domain has been active for more than 14 years, so I’m quite impressed with that. Typically, scam stores don’t last that long, therefore I assume that Steroids For Sale is doing something right. For that reason, Scamner rated the e-pharmacy with a 14% trust score. Despite higher than most of its counterparts, Steroids For Sale still has a low credibility, thus trusting it isn’t recommended.

image3 5

image2 5 Coupon Codes

It’s a pity that has absolutely no coupon codes or offers. Discounts are an easy and effective strategy to increase the number of online sales. Without discounts or other ways to save money, consumers have zero benefits from buying their meds here. If the prices are comparable to the ones offered by the competition, then it’s normal that the number of clients is low.

If Steroids For Sale offered more discounted items or other ways to save money, much more clients would be drawn to make their purchases here.


When I first clicked on, I regarded the store as credible and reliable. I did assume the pharmacy was safe enough to buy steroids from. However, after a much more profound look, I’ve come to the conclusion that is not entirely true.

One of the reasons that lead me to my cynicism is the lack of recent positive reviews. As I said, I know for a fact the store was popular a few years ago, but many clients also complained about the efficiency of Steroids For Sale. Besides, Steroids aren’t meds to play around so it’s absolutely crucial to buy only approved drugs from licensed pharmacies. However, according to Legit Script suggestions, the authenticity of Steroids For Sales drugs is doubtful. It’s quite plausible that the pharmacy is a rogue, so I won’t risk a single cent with it. In my opinion, Steroids For Sale gets only a 3 out of 5, and I strongly advise any of my readers to use another steroids supplier instead of Steroids For Sale.

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