Tusgenericos.net Review – No Doubt Another Scam Store

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When you first visit Tusgenericos.net you won’t be able to tell the difference between this e-shop and other similar web pharmacies, as they all have the same design and form. The shop’s website appears to be less innovative than other stores, as the store only had its content copied from other virtual pharmacies. I couldn’t find any information for Tusgenericos on the web, and the shop’s information was only accessible via its customer support team, which, by the way, was very unhelpful. According to Ben from support, Tusgenericos.net is in business for more than 10 years, and that the store’s products are manufactured in India, one of the world’s biggest drug producing nations. Ben also stated that its main office is located in the United Kingdom and that the store is only selling FDA and WHO approved medications. Beyond these textbook answers, I was unable to find unique data from Tusgenericos.net through its support team.

Payment can be made with Visa credit cards and there is no payment method other than this one. Products are same as those found in other pharmacies, such as meds for hypertension, impotence, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and others. I checked the prices for impotence meds such as Viagra and I found out that 12 pills of the 100 mg product cost $41.95, while 10 pills of Cialis 10 mg cost $39.95; however, I’ve already encountered the same prices in similar drugstores. Two shipping methods are available on Tusgenericos.net, the fast Express Mail which costs $30 and the slower Standard International Mail, which costs $10. Tusgenericos.net orders shipped via the Standard option takes about 2 to 3 weeks, while orders shipped via the Express option takes only 5 to 9 days. The Express option, however, is unavailable for buyers in several locations.

Tusgenericos.net is able to do refunds and reshipments for damaged orders, but you’ll have to contact the store first. I did not like that it is the shop’s discretion to give you a refund or send you a replacement package instead. The buyers should be the ones to decide to have their money returned or have a new batch of orders re-sent to them.

Tusgenericos.net Reviews

Tusgenericos.net has great reviews published on the site, just like in all scam web stores I’ve been to. Actually, the reviews are a 100% match to clone pages I’ve recently visited, so I am positive that the reviews are just copied.

image5 8

Stewart was very satisfied with the pharmacy, and according to him, he got his package swiftly and also mentioned being able to save in cost by using Tusgenericos.

The user named Glenn, on the other hand, said that he used up his 30 tablet order and said that he desires to order another 60 pills since products on Tusgenericos.net were more powerful than the other meds he used from other online pharmacies.

David and Carlos were happy with the pharmacy’s service that they also told their friends to use it.

Though the comments were all positively geared towards the store, these testimonials won’t fool me since I already saw them existing in other online pharmacies.

Tusgenericos.net Reviews 2017

No external reviews exist for Tusgenericos.net so I had to use other web platforms to check on the shop instead.

image2 11

According to Legit Script, Tusgenericos.net is a rogue internet pharmacy website, which means that the shop was deemed a dishonest platform and therefore should be avoided.

image3 11

Scamadviser.com also gave a bad rating for Tusgenericos—the store was given a low trust rating and was believed to be an unsafe place to shop from. According to the result for the shop, the website operates from Germany and not exactly in the United Kingdom, as the shop rep claimed earlier.

Tusgenericos.net Coupon Codes

When it comes to coupon codes, this site has a few of them. You can get a free shipping if your order is more than 200$ otherwise you have to pay extra money to get you package. Besides the free shipping promo, the store also offers hefty discounts for returning clients.

image1 11

You’ll have a 5% discount on your second order and an 8% discount on your third purchase. Also, if you have a friend successfully ordering on Tusgenericos.net, you’ll also get another 10% discount for your future order, while your friend gets a 5% discount. The shop also offers a 5% discount for buyers willing to participate in Tusgenerico’s surveys.


Having no reviews for its service meant that Tusgenericos.net was not popular amongst buyers. However, the lack of reviews may also mean ineffective marketing strategies on the shop’s part or the buyers’ lack of enthusiasm when it came to product reviews.

I am convinced that Tusgenericos.net is a fake pharmacy and everyone who tries ordering on this site will most likely be a victim of this scam store. Due to this, I am giving this store a low rating of 1 out of 5 points and I suggest that you look for other web pharmacies to shop meds from.

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